Ninth NCSQC,2013

Quality Circles in Education for Students' Personality Development - Nepal

Ninth National Convention on Students’ Quality Circle (9th NCSQC’13)

20th22nd December 2013

LRI Convention Resolution

“Empathy, Equity and Empowerment”


On the 21st day of December 2013, the second day of the Ninth  National Convention on Students’ Quality Circle – 2013 (9th NCSQC’13) being held from 20th–22nd December 2013 at LRI  School, Kalanki, Kathmandu, QUEST Nepal agreed to make the following resolutions at the meeting held in LRI School, Kathmandu in the presence of its founders, collaborating partners, and guests.

Resolution 1: We like to thank Honourable Chief Guests of the inaugural ceremony, Mr. Umesh Shrestha, the President of HISSAN Central Committee, Dr. Baburam Pokhrel, the President of PABSON, Central Committee and Mrs. Geeta Rana, the President of NPABSAN Central Committee for their valuable presence and thought provoking address to all participants and inaugurating collaboratively the Convention by lightening the ceremonial lampResolution 2: We agree to put on record that the SQC Curriculum of class 6, 7 & 8 has been developed and implemented for the first time in Nepal in the world. We agree to promote SQC as a curricular activity in Nepal through implementing SQC curriculum in the schools. We like to extend our sincere thanks to the Guest of Honor, Dr. B. K. Ranjeet, the Deputy Director of Curriculum Development Committee, MoE, GoN for his highly influential keynote speech on potentials of SQC promotion in Nepal and government’s support and cooperation to initiate SQC as a curricular activity in the schools of Nepal. We like to put on record the contribution and support made by CDC (Curriculum Development Center). We also agreed to acknowledge Mount View English Boarding School, Balkot, Bhaktapur for implementing SQC curriculum from class Six Now. We agree to approach Ministry of Education to incorporate in the policy level to implement SQC in school curriculum.

Resolution 3: We would like to put on record that the book titled, “Guide to Students’ Quality Circles, Second Edition” written by Prof. Dinesh P. Chapagain and published by QUEST Nepal, released internationally in the 16th ICSQC-2013 at CMS. Lukhnow, India on 27th November 2013 and released nationally in the 9th NCSQC at LRI School, Kathmnadu on 20th December 2013 which has been accepted nationally and internationally as the guide book on SQC. We would like to thank Prof. Dinesh P. Chapagain for his contribution to QUEST Nepal with full copyright.

Resolution 4: We would like to put on record that SQC website ( for recording, documentation and monitoring of SQC projects through electronic media is launched on 20th December 2013 by chief guests. We would like to thank Mr. Rabi Bhattarai, for his support.

Resolution 5: We agreed that the QUEST - Nepal expand its network to work collaboratively with various national and international governmental, non-governmental, professional, educational, businesses and civil society organizations for the promotion of Quality consciousness in each sector of nation building by taking initiatives in leadership development among students through Students' Quality Circles.

Resolution 6: We like to put on record that QUEST-Nepal has initiated to promote the Students’ Quality Circles movement in Government, private and community run academic institutions all over the country including rural areas of Nepal. We further agreed to continue official talks and lobbying with the Ministry of Education and other governmental organizations and departments to include SQC movement at Government schools in rural as well as urban parts of the country.

Resolution 7: We further agreed to spread the SQC movement outside the Kathmandu Valley by creating regional centers and hubs, and organizing regional conventions in other parts of Nepal and provide opportunity for the wider participation of the students.

Resolution 8: We put on record the role of Mr. Shiv Raj Pant, Convener, Mrs. Yadhodhara  Pant, Co-convener and their committed team at LRI School with active support of QUEST-Nepal member schools, members of convention management committee and event management committee  for successful accomplishment of the 9th National Convention on Students’ Quality Circles. We also like to extend our thanks to those specialists (SQC Master Trainers, Judges, Commentators and other exports) who helped to organize the five optional and competitive and four optional and non-competitive events of the Convention. We also would like to put on record the motivational and organizational role played by advisory board of the convention.

Resolution 9: We like to thank the collaborating educational institutions like Kathmandu University High School,  Little Angel’s School, St. Xavier's School, Galaxy Public School, Shubhatara School, LRI School, White Field HS school,  VS Niketan School, Monastic HSEB School, Bhaktapur PABSON, DAV SKVB School, GEM School, EPS School, Bright Future School, Pushpa Sadan School,  the patronage committee members and Advisory Members of QUEST-Nepal who have morally, logistically and financially supported the Convention creating collaborative advantage in promoting SQC in Nepal.

Resolution 10: We would like to thank LRI School and the dynamic team of principal, teachers and staff, Dr. Devkant Joshi, The Principal LRI School and Chairman, Convention Management Committee, Mr. Subash Thapa, the dedicated and strong man of action, Mr. Prahladh Ghisingh. Coordinator, Event Management Committee and QUEST-Nepal Representatives Mr. Rabi Shrestha, Event Management Committee  Coordinator, Mr. Nirajan Adhikari, Mr. Subarna Raj KC, Mr. Ravi Bhattarai, Mr. Bhuwan Lal Shrestha, Mr. Rajkumar Maharjan, Mrs. Surina Gurung, Mrs Sarita Dewan, Mrs Pramila Singh, Mr Mohan Kumar Karki for their hard work in taking up various responsibilities to make this convention successful.

Resolution 11: We also like to thank the cooperating institutions like Ministry of Education (MOE), Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation Nepal (PABSON), Network for Quality Productivity and Competitiveness Nepal (NQPCN), National Private and Boarding Schools’ Association of Nepal (N-PABSAN), Productivity and Quality Committee (PQC/FNCCI), Nepal Jesuit Society (NJS), Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA), Higher Secondary Schools Association of Nepal (HISSAN)  for their support and active participation. We would like to sincerely thank participating schools, principals, teachers and students for their participation & cooperation to make this convention a great success.

Resolution 12: We agreed to conduct the Tenth National Convention on Students’ Quality Circle 2014 by QUEST-Nepal in collaboration with all the collaborating partners as its Convener Mr. Tejendra Prakash Rajbhandari, President QUEST-Nepal in the Year of 2014.