Second NCSQC,2006

Quality Circles in Education for Students Personality Development - Nepal

Second National Convention on Students’ Quality Circle (2nd NCSQC’06)

25th ~ 27th November 2006

Convention Resolution


On this closing day of the second National Convention on student Quality Circle – 2006 (2nd NCSQC ’06) held on 25th ~27th November 2006 at DAV Sushil Kedia Bishwabharati School, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepa, the QUEST- Nepal (Quality Circle in Education for Students’ personality Development) formed under the directives of the resolution decleared on the historic opening day of the first National Convention on SQC 2005, agreed to promote the concepts and practices of student Quality Circles at academic in the country as a co- curricular activity acting as an apex national institution at Nepal in collaboration with the world council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE) in presence of Dr. Vineeta Kamran,Executive Director WCTQEE, Mr.P. C Bihari, Hon. Executive Director WCTQEE, Mr. Syed Ali , Advisor, WCTQEE, Mr. John Jay Bonstingl, Advisor WCTQEE, Mr. Abdul Wahid Mir Director General WCTQEE, Mr. Vidya Sagar Sharma , Vice Chairman, NFSQC and Governing Board Members of the WCTQEE- Nepal and QUEST- Nepal. The Convention likes to make note of the following:

Resolution 1: We are honored to have inaugurated the 2nd Convention by Honorable Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supply Mr. Hridayesh Tripathi. Also, we extend acknowlwdgement to the Hon. Minister for Education Dr. Mangal Siddi Manandhar for his valuable presence in the convention and motivation to the participants.

Resolution 2: We extend our hearty thanks to special International guest Dr. Vineeta Kamran , India, Mr. J. J. Bonstingl, USA, Mr. Syed Ali, USA, Mr. P. C Bihari, India, Mr. Abdul Wahid Mir, Pakistan, Mr. B. N. Saxena, India, Mr. Jugdish Goburdhun, Mauritius, and Mr. Jugroo, Mauritius from World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE) who have been with us to share their experience and motivate the participants.

Resolution 3: We appreciate the formation of QUEST- Nepal, to facilitate Student Quality Circle (SQC) as an integral component of Total Quality Management (TQM) in private, government and community managed academic institutions in Nepal as an extra curricular education program to initiate to prepare Total Quality Person for Leadership.

Resolution 4: We agreed that the QUEST- Nepal to act as an apex institution for Students’ Quality Circle promotion in Nepal. Also, it is agreed that it represents the country in the World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE).

Resolution 5: We put on record the role of Mr. Anil Kedia and his team for the successful accomplishment of the 2nd National Convention on Students’ Quality Circle held at DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwo Bharati School from 25 to 27 November 06.

Resolution 6: We agreed to conduct the 3rd National Convention at Little Angles School, Hattiban, Lalitpur Nepal in the month of November 2007